Arizona Offers Education Benefits to Veterans – Please Share

Amount of aid has changed Arizona will offer $490.14 of aid per credit hour to in-state veterans, as decided on June 25, 2009. The previous amount was $127.00 per credit hour. The maximum total fees covered per term now total $14,550.30

Arizona Tuition and Fees Deferred Payment: A veteran or eligible dependent who has applied for educational benefits under the G.I. Bill and is attending a state-supported college or university may defer payment of tuition, fees and required books for a period of 120 days with no interest charges. If at the end of such period, VA has not given the person the initial benefit monies for tuition and fees, an extension may be granted until such benefits are received. Eligibility: An Arizona veteran or an eligible dependent.

Arizona National Guard State Education Priority Reimbursement: Priority 1 soldiers will receive a maximum of $55.00 per credit hour up to $1,250 per fiscal year. Reimbursement can be used for a bachelor’s or lesser degree. Priority 2 is all other soldiers. Eligibility: National Guard servicemember in Priority 1 are soldiers in pay grade E-1 through E-6 with less than six years service. Priority 2 soldiers will receive any money left after Priority 1 soldiers have been paid. The remaining money will be divided equally among the soldiers on the Priority 2 list. Priority 2 soldiers will be identified three weeks after the start of the second semester.

Arizona National Guard Tuition Assistance: The maximum amount available per Arizona Air National Guard member for State Education Reimbursement for tuition is $250.00 per semester hour, not to exceed $2,156.00 per semester or $6,500.00 per state fiscal year. The maximum amount available for fees is no more than $500.00 per semester. Eligibility: National Guard servicemember.

Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services Three Capitol Mall Luther S. Hardin Building – Room 308 Little Rock, AR 72201 Phone: (501) 324-947 Fax: (501) 324-9610

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