VA Home Buyer Success – Vista CA New Build

We did it!!!!  We found a home for our VA Home buyer!!!  Second weekend out looking, and four homes were in the running.  Problem was, as usual in this market, they all had multiple offers…  What is an agent to do????  For one, I shared my frustration on Facebook and was actually provided some names of agents who favor VA home buyers on the listing side, including flying the American Flag in front of all of their listings!!!  A huge thanks goes out to those agents as well as those who provided me the great feedback.  At then end of the day, we visited a new home builder at Amber Woods in Vista (Watts)…  They had two homes left, and both were available.  Our buyer made a quick decision to purchase on of the remaining two homes.  It turns out, it was a great decision, because the home they are purchasing already has a back up offer to purchase from another set of buyers…

Military Veteran

Flying the flag

What did I learn here???  Until we get the public and the real estate community on the same page regarding VA home buyers, they may be at a disadvantage when using their hard earned benefits.  As well, there are some agents who are already on board and are aware of the challenges as well as the sacrifice many of these buyers have made…  Lastly, acting quickly can make all the difference in the world.

As usual, our mission and goal is to help as many veterans achieve the dream of home ownership as possible, one sale at a time!!!

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