Post Traumatic Stress and the Word Disorder

Military Jargon and Acronyms change from time-to-time. Ask anyone associated with the military and they can probably recite those three and four letter terms with ease. But when it comes to health-related issues, special care and concern must be applied. In depth and sometimes heated discussions surrounding the term historically known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) dominate the news as of late. Part of the debate focuses on whether to change the name to simply Post Traumatic Stress or PTS. The idea behind this is to eliminate the stigma attached to the word Disorder. The Military’s top brass continues to discuss not only the name, but the idea of classifying PTS as an “Injury” instead of a “disorder”. As the Medical Community and the Military Community debate and discuss the word-choice, diagnosis tools, and treatment regimen for this condition, what are your thoughts on this important issue called PTS?
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