Lose Weight the VA Way

Veteran William Collins stands in an exam room, holding out the wasteline of his pants

MOVE! participant William Collins models his weight loss success

Out of the Rut and On to the Treadmill

Uh oh! Here come the Big Five again. Halloween (all your kids’ candy). Thanksgiving (THIRDS of the candied yams?!). Christmas (Hey, Gramma made it, you gotta eat it, eh?). New Year’s Day (Football and ALL those snacks!).

And, oh yeah, number five – January 2 – News Year’s Resolution – time to take off all those pounds. Again.

Vets! Want to get out of this annual rut? Take a serious look at MOVE!, VA’s national weight management program for Veterans.

“I was eating too much unhealthy food…and not exercising”

Veteran William A. Collins says that his eating was “off the charts” when he finally realized how negligent he had become with his health. “I was eating too much unhealthy food, drinking too much soda, going out for late night meals, and not exercising,” he explains. “I was abusing myself.”

Weighing 260 pounds in August 2010, the 62-year-old William focused first on relearning how to eat by making healthier choices and controlling his portions. Read his story (pdf).

His story is just one of hundreds. Read more great success stories here.

Inquire at Your VA Medical Center

MOVE! can help you lose weight, keep it off and improve your health.

Contact your nearest VA facility to inquire about their MOVE! program.

Portrait of a smiling woman in a red blouse

Patsy Cowan lost 140 pounds in VA’s MOVE! program

Two years ago Patsy Cowan weighed 325. Today she’s 185 pounds.

Patsy tried a number of methods to help her lose weight. Some things worked briefly and some didn’t work at all. Tired of the many different weight loss program and diets, she joined the MOVE! program available at the VA North Texas Health Care System. Her story is here.

According to Dr. Kenneth Jones, National Program Director for MOVE!, “If you are carrying extra weight, losing weight and keeping it off can be one of the best things you can do to protect your health. Excess weight puts you at risk for problems like heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, sleep apnea and gallstones. The best way to manage your weight is to eat wisely and be as physically active as possible. MOVE! and your VA health care team can help you at every step along the way to healthy living and a healthy weight.”

Questionnaire Designed Just for You

The MOVE! Program has been designed for both men and women and for Veterans of all ability levels.

The MOVE!23 is a 23-item questionnaire that asks about your weight, health, prior attempts at weight loss, and your individual issues with losing weight and becoming more physically active.

The questionnaire results in a 4-6 page report that is individualized for you.

A list of recommended MOVE! handouts is provided with the report. The handouts contain information on:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Behavior Change

While only Veterans receiving care in the VA can enroll in the MOVE! program, the MOVE!23 questionnaire can be taken by anyone. You can take this report to your health care provider for further advice on weight management.

Questions? Answers are here.

Source Article from http://www.va.gov/health/NewsFeatures/20121022a.asp

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