Nutrition…Diet…Healthy Food…Now?

The Ghost of Thanksgivings Past would like a few moments of your time

Yeah, we know. You don’t want to hear about diets and nutrition in the same week you were planning on majorly chowing down at grandma’s house on Thanksgiving.

But, really. What better time to stop and think about food and how it affects your life and all of those around you. Maybe on Friday? Maybe after the pick-up football game?

No, wait…did you get out of breath in that touch football game with the “kids” after the big meal? Can’t “go long” like you did a few years ago?

That’s why we here…to remind you that VA has all these programs to help you get in shape, help you think about food and nutrition, help you live longer, and enjoy a healthy, energetic life.

So, go ahead, have another piece of pumpkin pie, but resolve to read on:

The VA has registered dietitians ready and willing to assist you with your nutrition and health concerns. Just ask!

  • Let your doctor or nurse know you want to speak with a dietitian.
  • At your next VA visit, ask to be referred to a dietitian.
  • Ask if there are any same day appointments or nutrition classes with the dietitian.
  • Contact your local VA. Ask to be transferred to the Nutrition and Food Service to schedule an appointment.

“At your next VA visit, ask to be referred to a dietitian.”

VA Nutrition Fact Sheets Explain It All

Nutrition fact sheets — Nutrition handouts developed by registered dietitians at VA medical centers around the nation on a variety of topics.

It’s all there…heart health, diabetes, fiber, nutrition and cancer, food and drug interaction and lots more.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Dietary Guidelines for Americans is published jointly by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Guidelines provide authoritative advice about how good dietary habits can promote health and reduce risk for major chronic diseases.

Here you will find a large amount of information from federal and state agencies. There is an extensive list of web resources referenced. Also included is a list of online medical journals, toll-free numbers, a library locator, medical dictionaries and information about support and self-help groups.

VA’s Incredibly Successful MOVE! Program

A lot of Vets, just like you, decided to get healthy and were honest enough to admit they needed help. The MOVE! program is here to help. Read some of the great success stories and then sign up!

Happy Thanksgiving! And a Happy Healthy Future Life!

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