VA Women’s Health Assures Women Vets: VA is The Right Place

Women’s Health Assures Women Vets: VA is The Right Place

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A new public service announcement lets women Veterans know they’ve come to “The Right Place” when seeking VA health care.

Many of the 1.8 million women Veterans in the United States are unaware that VA offers high quality women’s health care. VA’s Women’s Health Services office intends to change that and has developed a public service announcement (PSA) to let women Veterans know VA is the right place for them.

The 30-second PSA encourages viewers to rethink their assumption that returning Veterans are male and reminds them that women Veterans are coming home, separating from service, or returning to Guard or Reserve status. Most importantly, it sends a clear message to women Veterans that VA is ready to serve them. Click to watch the PSA.

“We’re here for them…
They need to hear that.”

Sending that message is one of the most critical aspects of the initiative to improve VA access and services for women. Chief Consultant Patricia Hayes was reminded of that at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial on October 20th. Hayes had an opportunity to talk to some of the hundreds of proud women service members and Veterans who gathered at the foot of Arlington National Cemetery.

“They asked me whether VA is going to be there for them, and that just reinforces our need to get the word out about how to access their care,” Hayes said.

The multi-faceted Women’s Health initiative has made tremendous progress improving services for women by redesigning the delivery of comprehensive primary care for women, training and educating VA providers in women’s health, directing research on the effects of military service on women’s lives, and implementing a campaign to change the culture of VA to be more accepting of women Veterans — all things that make VA the right place for women Veterans.

“We’re here for them and we’re working hard to give them the highest quality care,” said Hayes. “They need to hear that.”

You can download the PSA by visiting A customizable, broadcast-quality version is also available for media outlets.


Reviewed/Updated Date: November 2, 2012

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