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Eight interactive modules include videos, games and exercises.

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Are you struggling with relationships, finances, finding a job, confusion about your future, dealing with loneliness, or adjusting to the challenges of civilian life? A new web program, entitled, Moving Forward, can help you start making steps toward positive change.

Moving Forward is a free, anonymous, online educational and life-coaching program that teaches problem-solving skills to help you overcome life’s challenges.

There are eight interactive modules include videos, games, and exercises.

It was designed specifically for Veterans and Military Service Members, but can help anyone facing stressful problems.

We all face challenges in life. Often, it is how we deal with them that determines our outcome. Moving Forward can help you understand your problem-solving strengths and weaknesses. It teaches a step-by-step approach which makes problems more manageable and less overwhelming.

 Veterans participating in the ‘live program’ have given it high marks. 

By clearly identifying your problems, goals, and obstacles, you can start to develop an action plan to effectively manage life’s challenges. Moving Forward can also help you reduce stress, “brain-overload”, pessimism, difficulties managing your emotions, and other factors that might make it hard for you to carry out that action plan.

Moving Forward provides you with a series of tools that you can choose among to best fit your situation. Rather than “give you fish,” it teaches you “how to fish.”

Moving Forward was developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Services in partnership with the Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology as part of a coordinated public health initiative to help Veterans and Service Members.

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Veterans give Moving Forward high marks and say it helps them cope with stress.

It is based on a highly effective cognitive behavioral treatment program that has been used successfully with Veterans across the country during the past several years.

The web program was developed to provide this service to individuals who have difficulty consistently visiting a VA center or who prefer to use the internet at their own pace, in the privacy of their own home.

Veterans participating in the “live program” have given it high marks, noting that it helped them feel more confident about their future, more able to cope with stress, and more optimistic about handing difficult problems that may arise.

Some Veterans use the program to meet new people, overcome anger problems, identify a more satisfying future career path, better handle being a new parent, and improve a romantic relationship.

A vast majority of Veterans who have participated in a Moving Forward program have noted that they would “definitely recommend the program to other Veterans and friends.”

We believe that it can help you, too. Why not give it a try? Getting rid of all that stress could be just one click away, here:

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