Help Raise PTSD Awareness

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‘Take the Step’ to Make a Difference

Help Raise PTSD Awareness

June is PTSD Awareness Month and VA is asking you to join us in promoting public awareness and understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder. Learn how you can help men and women who have served, as well as others who have experienced PTSD.

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD invites you to “Take the Step” and help raise PTSD awareness.

Each week in June, you can go online at and read about a different way you can “Take the Step” to:

  • Know more about PTSD
  • Challenge your beliefs
  • Explore the options
  • Reach out to make a difference.

 It is essential to know the symptoms of PTSD… and where to get help. 

VA provides effective PTSD treatment for our nation’s Veterans and conducts extensive research on PTSD, including prevention of stress disorders. Veterans are encouraged to use our PTSD resources so they are able to recognize symptoms and seek help if the need arises. VA also encourages Veterans to share what they learn with someone they know to build awareness and support systems.

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Learn how you can help those who have experienced PTSD.

“There are many barriers that keep people with PTSD from seeking the help they need,” said Dr. Matthew Friedman, Executive Director of VA’s National Center for PTSD. “Knowledge and awareness are key to overcoming these barriers. For those living with PTSD, knowing there are treatments that work can lead them to seek needed care. Greater public awareness of PTSD can help reduce the stigma of this mental health problem and overcome negative stereotypes that may keep many people from pursuing treatment.”

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