"Connecting" Today’s Veterans to Health Care

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The Connected Health Showcase demonstrated the latest information technologies and web applications VHA is using to increase access and communication between Veterans and their providers.

Media Sees “Connected Health” in Action

On July 30, the Veterans Health Administration demonstrated to members of the press the Veteran Health Administration’s Connected Health Technologies.

The Connected Health Showcase highlighted many of the innovations VHA is employing to virtually connect patients with services and create bridges between health care and information technology, allowing the delivery of Veteran-centric health care, when and where our Veterans need it.

 Your care does not end when your appointment is over. 

The event, at the Press Club in Washington D.C., provided a demonstration of the latest information technologies and web applications VHA is using to increase access and communication between our nation’s Veterans and their providers.

Senator Bernard Sanders (I-Vermont), Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, joined Dr. Robert A. Petzel, VA Under Secretary for Health, in demonstrations of VA’s Connected Health Technologies.

Senator Sanders speaks via video conference to a doctor on screen

Dr. Petzel and Senator Sanders talk live with Dr. Lanier Summerall, Chief of Mental Health Services at VA’s White River Junction Medical Center about telemental health appointments and care to Veterans.

The showcase demonstrated improved provider efficiency, enhanced collaboration and coordination, patient empowerment through personalization and better access through improved communication.

Dr. Neil Evans, VA’s Co-Director of Connected Health, said, “Veterans want convenient, personalized health care, not just in our VA facilities, but also at home and on the go in the course of their daily lives. VA Connected Health seeks to use technology to proactively engage with our patients and their caregivers regardless of where they are.”

A man at a podium holds up an iPad

Dr. Petzel showcases an iPad with VA’s “PTSD Coach” mobile application. VA’s mobile apps focus on empowering users with a set of tools they need to manage their health care information.

Read more about Connected Health in Dr. Evans’ blog where he tells Veterans what VA Mobile Health is all about: “Your care does not end when your appointment is over. To manage your health, you need tools that work on your schedule and with your busy life. VA Mobile Health is here to help ensure you have the support from VA that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.”

Source Article from http://www.va.gov/health/NewsFeatures/2013/August/Connecting-Todays-Veterans-to-Health-Care.asp

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