How Can I Live a Healthier Life?

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Jump start your health by getting better informed, developing healthy habits, and enrolling in health care.

Start Here, Start Today

National Public Health Week, April 7-13

Have you ever felt that everyone around you offers, at times unsolicited, health advice and tips?

Between friends and family, health care providers and the media, we are bombarded by healthy living messages.

Intellectually, we all realize the importance of eating well, exercising regularly and not smoking. But many of us live busy, hectic lives and it’s easy to get off track.

VA wants to remind you it’s never too late to get back on track and start taking steps towards a healthier you. April 7-13 is National Public Health Week. Sponsored by the American Public Health Association, this year’s theme is Public Health: Start Here. It’s the perfect time to jump start your health by getting better informed, developing healthy habits and enrolling in health care.

So start here, start today and see you at the finish line!

It’s never too late to get back on track and start taking steps towards a healthier you.

Start Here: Be Informed

A key part of taking charge of your health care is being informed. When you have the most up-to-date and relevant health care information, you can actively participate when making decisions that affect your health.

We all have friends and family who, with the best of intentions, offer us their medical advice. Many of us scour the Internet looking for the latest and greatest on symptom relief and cures for various ailments.

In fact, 72 percent of us who use the Internet are searching for health information. But how can we separate fact from fiction and tell what’s safe and effective?

VA has resources to help you become and stay an informed health care consumer:

Start Here: Develop Healthy Habits

Habits, by definition, are routines developed by regular repetition. So start repeating! Once you adopt some of these habits, more will follow.

Start Here: Get Covered

VA puts the health of Veterans at the forefront of all it does. It is important for all Veterans to have access to health care and health insurance. If you do not already have VA health care, find out if you qualify and enroll today.

If you are already enrolled in VA health care, you may be wondering what the Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law means for you. The law does not change VA health benefits or Veterans’ out-of-pocket costs. VA’s Affordable Care Act has more information.

VA is here to help you get in the race, and steer you forward towards better health and wellness.

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