Florida Veteran Tuition Deferment – Reduced Tuition for Florida National Guard

Florida Veteran Tuition Deferment: Any veteran or other eligible student is allowed one tuition deferment each academic year and an additional deferment each time there is a delay in the receipt of benefits. Eligibility: Any veteran or other eligible student who receives benefits under Chapters 30, 31, 32, or 35 of Title 38, U.S.C. or Chapter 1606 of Title 10, U.S.C., and is attending one of Florida’s public universities, community colleges or vocational schools.

Reduced Tuition for Florida National Guard enlisted prior to June 30, 1997: Active Florida Guard members are exempt from one-half tuition payment and fees at post-secondary, public educational institutions. Eligibility: Active Florida National Guard member who enlisted before June 30, 1997.

Reduced Tuition for Florida National Guard enlisted after June 30, 1997: Payment of full cost of tuition and fees for required courses. Eligibility: Individuals who enlisted in the Florida National Guard after June 30, 1997.

Florida State Tuition Exemption Program (STEP): Fifty-percent waiver at any state school or university up to a bachelor’s degree. Eligibility: Air/Army National Guard member who has less than 15 years of service. The servicemember has 10 years to use benefit from date of eligibility. Waiver can be used in conjunction with Federal Tuition Assistance. Servicemember has a three-year obligation after completing degree or from last semester waiver was granted. Servicemember is required to sign agreement prior to utilization of the program.

Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs 9500 Bay Pines Boulevard, Room 214 St. Petersburg, FL 33744  Phone: (727) 319-7401 Fax: (727) 319-7781

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